Sunday Brunch with Andrew Wood Trio feat. Louise Gibbs

Sunday 27th January 2019

11:00am - 1:00pm

- Performance 12:00pm
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New Zealand born jazz vocalist Louise Gibbs brings over 30 years of experience performing on the professional jazz stage. As well as being a fantastic vocal performer, Louise has taught at every major UK jazz college and was a director of the 2012 International Jazz Conference! To date, Louise has released 5 critically acclaimed albums in her own name, and currently leads a Septet featuring some of the finest UK jazz talent under the banner of '7 deadly sings' offering 'An impassioned commentary on the waywardness of human desire'.

For her first performance in Nottingham since 2017, Louise will be joined by the Andrew Wood Trio. Louise & Andrew met at Leeds College of Music whilst Louise was the director of jazz studies, the two have continued to perform together professionally on a regular basis, presenting a wide range of vocal jazz arrangements of bebop and jazz standards.

"A high-wire act that takes more chances than anything I've heard outside the strictly avant-guard" - Jazzwise

Louise Gibbs - Voice
Matthew Ratcliffe - Piano
Martyn Spencer - Double Bass
Andrew Wood - Drums

Brunch Menu

Merguez sausage with sourdough flatbread and harissa dipping sauce

Vegan sausage with sourdough flatbread and harissa dipping sauce (vegan)

Baked eggs in harissa with sourdough flatbread - (we serve a vegan version of this with smoked tofu)

Sayyadieh Middle Eastern fish pilaf (similar to kedgeree) - lightly spiced rice, served with egg and fresh herbs

Peggy's granola (VG) - toasted whole oats, nuts, coconut, seeds and cinnamon served with berries and yoghurt or coconut milk

Peggy's pancakes - 3 organic wholewheat pancakes brushed with almond butter. Served with berries and yoghurt or cream

Kuku sabzi (V) - Persian omelette - lightly spiced eggs baked with spinach and fresh herbs, served with yoghurt (This dish is typically served at Nowruz (Persian New Year) - the herbs symbolizing rebirth, and the eggs symbolizing fertility...perfect after the weekend

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Sunday Brunch with Andrew Wood Trio feat. Louise Gibbs



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