Soundin' Off: Slum Village + Cappo

Wednesday 13th February 2019

7:00pm - 12:00am

Slum Village bring the iconic sound of their founding-father J Dilla back to life Peggy's Skylight

One of the most iconic and influential Hip Hop collectives of all time, Slum Village, arrive in Nottingham for a night of old-school flows and J Dilla-produced classics. Don’t miss the resurrection of the late, great producer’s sonic legacy on this rare evening with Hip Hop royalty.


Born and raised in Nottingham, Cappo first entered the world of hip-hop as a grafitti writer, and started rapping at an early age. By 95 he was rapping daily, and was one half of a two man group. No releases, but the experience was enough to boost him to go for self, and he went on to do his first proper live show at Nottingham Carnival, summer '97. Since then a regular on the Notts scene, and renowned for holding his own against any emcees, local or international

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Soundin' Off: Slum Village + Cappo


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