Midlands World Music Consortium Launch Party

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Wednesday 3rd April 2019

7:00pm - 12:00am

- Serving Middle Eastern Meze Menu until 9.30pm
- No advance tickets
- £5 members*, £7 non members (You can become a member on the night)

With the big launch of the Midlands World Music Consortium in Nottingham, you are invited for a warm evening of music from around the world that exists on your very doorstep. Hear about our ideas and plans for the future and how YOU can be a part of this growing vibrant cultural community.



Kulimarow is a combination of rhythms and melodies inspired by both West African and European musical influences. Enjoy the floating sounds of the kora over the top of djembe, junkaran and tama. West Africa/ UK


Anglo-Iranian music with Persian lyrics, soaring vocals and Flamenco influences. Iranian/ UK

Silk Roots

The Silk Roads for centuries played a key role in the exchange of ideas and culture between the East and the West. The Silk Roots Quartet explores new music emerging in these regions with a spirit of fun and freedom. Balkan

Enzo Puzzovio

Enzo specialises in Mediterranean and historic strings and tonight will present Italian and Albanian music. Italian/ Albanian

Rikki Martinez

An outstanding solo artist, with the use of harmonicas, unique rhythmic, powerful guitar style and singing voice, he has been described as a fully contained one-man Latin orchestra. Latin

Calligraphy Club

Foot stomping bluegrass music! Calligraphy Club are an authentic acoustic Lincolnshire based band putting their own take on traditional and modern songs. American/ British Isles

DJ Hemulen Soundz

Cool music from hot countries Tropical Beats is music from Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean.

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