Jazz Jam - Christmas Special

Sunday 30th December 2018

2:00pm - 10:00pm

Welcome to the Nottingham Jazz Jam Christmas Edition. It’s been a fantastic year with appearances by so many top UK artists including Dennis Rollins, Chris Bowden, Esmond Selwyn, Sean Gibbs, Pat McCarthy & Nigel Price. In September we moved from the Malt Cross to Peggy’s Skylight providing the perfect backdrop to our monthly concert into Jam session. To round up the year we bring together our favourite local musicians and bring you a Hard-Bop take on Christmas classics from the American Songbook featuring guest singers Jeanie Barton and Rachel Foster.

Like each month, the house band (Matt Ratcliffe, Martyn Spencer & Andrew Wood) perform a 60 minute concert, this month with Jeanie and Rachel sharing the vocal spot before moving into the Jazz Jam. This one is going to be a treat as many of our best local musicians who are usually away on tour will join us for the post concert improv set.

If you’re a musician and are interested in taking part in the Jazz Jam, introduce yourself and signup to play on the door before the main concert.

For players and singers, Christmas repertoire is encouraged. We hope as many people as possible can join for our first 'Hard Bop Christmas' at Peggy's Skylight!

Watch out for a brand new 2019 Jazz Jam program at Peggy's Skylight on the last Sunday of every month.

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Jazz Jam - Christmas Special



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